"We were there" in the 35th Flotilla
In this page an attempt has been made to put faces to names. If you are aware of any discrepancies please let me know, I would also like to know if you can add any names to any of the faces.
The photo above left Rod has entitled "Self, Guns, No 1, Yockers, Terry and Bertie." Self is obviously Rod, Guns and No1 are as yet unidentified, Yockers is Leslie Yock, Terry is T E B Mills and  Bertie is G R Smail.

The photo above right Rod has named "After tea into sea kit" on the left is Peter Hodson next is Rod, Dave Balkwill has a tankard in his hand and Mid Mallinson is on the extreme right of the group. Rod is waring the grey leather German Naval Sea Jacket he "liberated" from the "E" Boat.



The 35thMTB Flotilla was formed  from August to Nov 1943 and Paid Off in May 1945. This photo above was taken in April 1944.

L to R: back row R J W Timms (448), G R Smail (450),

R D H Balkwill (451), T E B Mills (449), P Bragg (450).

L to R: middle row G K Natusch (454), B Roberts (447),

J Collins (451), J D Dixon (SO 450), R T Sykes (448),

R J Dyke (454), P J Hodson (453).

L to R: front row P W T Warren (449), N Watson (453),

E C Glennie (447), L E Yock (452).

The picture above is called "Dickie, Bertie, Dave and Self with Liz and friends."


As there are five men standing at the back it is not obvious who is who, Rod is sitting at the front, it is not certain which of the ladies is Liz.


The above picture is called "V E Day Shadders & Fish Salmon enjoy a cup of 'Tea'".


Officers of the 35th on V E Day. From left to right are Woody (?), Terry (T E B Mills), Self (Rod), Peter (?), Tony (T Halstead) and Dickie (Dickie Barlow).