Below are listed a number of books and some links that may help you understand more fully the role and function of the Coastal Forces during World War II. These books contain general information about ML's, MGB's and MTB's with some facts specifically relating to the 8th ML Flotilla, 9th MGB Flotilla and 35th MTB Flotilla.


Some books contain mainly photos while others report textural facts about actions and location of bases etc. One contains a list of all awards to Coastal Forces during WWII.


The title of the book is on line one, line two is the name of the author/editor, the publisher and date of publication is on line three and the ISBN number if available is on the last line.


These books were in Rod's personal "Library". Some are highlighted in colour when actions he took part in are featured. He also listed on the front inside cover page numbers of photos he or his boat appeared in. The "P" plus a number denotes pages where personal references occur. Some of the "facts" contained within some of the books are at variance with his own accounts, copious notes "correct" these anomalies! Information is not always right (this applies to this website as well!!)


Links are added when I come across relevant sites.


In Rod's documents is a rather poor copy of "Directory of Motor Torpedo Boat Officers" by D E J Hunt DSC, the only information I have about it is an statement on the front page which reads, "Please send any alterations to D.E.J. Hunt DSC, 54 Inner Park Road, Wimbledon Parkside, London SW 19." I suspect that due to the post code being in an old stlye the document is also old. This proved an excelent resource in verifying Officers names.



The Battle of the Torpedo Boats

Bryan Cooper

Pan Books   1970

ISBN 0 33023243 6

p 272 MTB 448   p277 Rod was Dixon's No 1   p287 ditto


The Buccaneers

Bryan Cooper

Macdonald  1970


Coastal Forces at War

David Jefferson

PSL  1996

ISBN 1 852260 499 9


The Little Ships

Gordon Holman

Hodder & Stoughton  1943


The E Boat Threat

Bryan Cooper

Macdonald & Janes  1976

ISBN 0 356 08144 3

p 124 Rod was Dixon's No 1


British Coastal Forces of World War II

Paul J Kemp

ISO  1997

ISBN 0 946784 52 3


E-Boat Alert

James Foster Tent

Arlife  1996

ISBN 1 85310 792 1

p 138 Rod was No 1 in MTB 448


Seedies List of Coastal Forces Awards for WW II

Ripley Registers  1992

ISBN 0 9513380 3 X

p 56 list of Rod's award "Mentioned In Dispatches" MTB 482.


Battle of the Narrow Seas

Lt Cdr Peter Scott

Country Life  1945

p 156 action involving MGB 118 the boat Rod was spare officer on.

p 177 (facing) photo of Rod on bridge with Lt R Sykes.

p 193 action involving MTB C/O Lt Sykes, Rod was No 1, E boat S 136 was sunk.

p 207 action off Cap d'Antifer

p 210, 211, 212, actions in the Channel.

p 221, 222, actions with Dixon in MTB 482.


Home Waters MTB's & MGB's at War 1939 - 1945

Leonard C Reynolds

Sutton Publishers  2000

ISBN 0 7509 2518 3

Many pages (over 20) list actions of MGB118, MTB 448, MTB 450, MTB 482, the 35th Flotilla.



The above site contains comprehensive details about the Coastal Forces boats and the crews.

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