There have been comments emailed to me but not entered onto the guest book page. I have decided to publish these comments after obtaining permission from the students. It is very gratifying to have interest in the subject of the site confirmed by receiving comments by young students. Most of the responses have been from schools in the USA. I have now decided to record these hence the new page. My thanks to Erika, a student of Cleary Mountain High School in Virginia for stimulating  this thought. Below are communications from other schools.





Good afternoon Chris!


My name is Heather and I am a teacher at Cleary Mountain High School in Virginia. I wanted to take a few minutes to write to you because my students and I found your webpage, , very helpful!

We have been using your resources as a reference for our Science Fair project on Maritime History!


My student, Erika, has been using another page that was very helpful that she brought to my attention:


"Historical and Educational Maritime Groups"


I was wondering if you would mind adding it to your page!  We both thought it would be a perfect addition to your collection of resources and I know that Erika would be delighted to see her suggestion up on your page!


I have also decided that Erika will be receiving bonus points on her next test for her newly discovered resource so thanks so much for contributing to her education! :) We look forward to hearing from you and thank you again!





Good morning Chris!


We wanted to say thank you for your page, !

I work at Jean Massieu Academy in Grand Prairie, Texas and my kids found your resources to be so helpful. They are utilizing the Internet to help with their History project due next week.


The group would like to pass along another page, as a thank you:

"A Pirate's Guide to Famous Ships around the World"


They were hoping that you could include this on your site! I think it's a great page filled with a lot of valuable educational material.


Thank you again and if you do decide to add it, please let me know...they would be delighted to see it up!


Have a wonderful holiday!


Alyssa Britton

Sixth Grade