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Lieutenant Commander R. J. W. Timms, R.D.*, R.N.R.

Roderick James Weston Timms

1921 - 2003




Rod is pictured above sitting in his back garden in Turakina, Chichester Road, Sandgate Kent in 1943. The photo was taken shortly after his "passing out" from HMS King Alfred.


This website illustrates and records the Naval career of my late father Roderick James Weston Timms. I will continue to call my father Rod.



There is also a page in memory and admiration of my mother Winifred Jean Pilcher/Timms and those who served in the WRNS during the war.


During his latter years Rod spent many hours documenting his wartime experiences. He contacted a number of World War II friends and those whom he served with, gathering facts and figures, confirming and researching actions and comparing notes. This gave him considerable enjoyment at a time when, for him, physical activity was limited. Although I discussed many of his wartime exploits with Rod some details were not covered, some photos do not have names to go with them. Rod kept comprehensive accounts in his personal and Naval logs and took many pictures. I have used this mine of what is now historical information to piece together this website.





MTB482 was fitted with a PPI Radar Type 970 in December 1944.



















The picture to the right is of MTB 482. The six pounder, the main armament can be seen beneath the mast. 




 Left Rod is shown photographed on the bridge of MTB 482.


Rod served in MTB 482 from the 5th December 1944 until "482" was paid off on the 28th May 1945.









Rod was the proud wearer of five campaign medals from WWII and his M.I.D. Oak Leaf (Mentioned In Despatches). He was awarded the Atlantic Star with the France and Germany bar (silver rosette on miniatures), 1939 – 1945 Star, the 1939 – 1945 War Medal with the M.I.D. Oak Leaf attached and the 1939 – 1945 Defence Medal. Rod was also awarded the RD (Reserve Decoration) and a further Clasp to the RD later, this is shown as a silver rosette also on miniatures. This link will show you a brief account of Rod's Naval History.





Rod's main interest throughout his life was the Royal Navy, although leaving the navy in 1947 he rejoined the RNVR changing to the RNR later.


He went abroad on a number of exercises in subsequent years. Repeatedly going to Singapore, Australia and Portugal. Rod was promoted to Lt Cdr in 1967. 


I have dedicated this site to the memory of the people who served in the Boats of the Coastal Forces, the 35th MTB Flotilla, and in particular to those of the Coastal Forces who couldn't celebrate the outcome and the end of WWII. If one of your relatives served as an officer in the 35th look on the two pages about the 35th to see if they are mentioned. It is likely that they are pictured on one of these two pages, if you can identify them I would welcome a call or email from you to amend the website. chris(at)christimms.com replace the (at) with @








See Radar Dome in photo above

"The radar equipment installed behind the bridge is a “one off”.  It was not Admiralty sanctioned as far as I recall.  The base commander, Commander “Tommy” Kerr, R.N., must have known what we were doing.  After all, the radar dome was unique and MTB 482’s silhouette stood out in the harbour like a sore thumb.  But despite the all-round cooperation we received – the shipwright had no budget for the materials or for the mechanic’s time spent modifying the boat – we thought we were doing things “on the sly”. The PPI radar provided stealth and the cat was out of the bag when the boat returned from a successful sortie."

 Bernard "Bunny" Lacome.




If you wish to research your relatives service history use this link print off the required forms, fill them in and send them off with the fee.  





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